Crater Lake National Park, Oregon • Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

Crater Lake (Klamath: Giiwas) is a crater lake in south-central Oregon in the western United States. It is the main feature of Crater Lake National Park and is famous for its deep blue color and water clarity. The lake partly fills a nearly 2,148-foot-deep (655 m) caldera that was formed around 7,700 (± 150) years ago by the collapse of the volcano Mount Mazama. There are no rivers flowing into or out of the lake; the evaporation is compensated for by rain and snowfall at a rate such that the total amount of water is replaced every 250 years. With a depth of 1,949 feet (594 m), the lake is the deepest in the United States. In the world, it ranks ninth for maximum depth, and third for mean (average) depth. Crater Lake features two small islands. Wizard Island, located near the western shore of the lake, is a cinder cone approximately 316 acres (128 ha) in size. Phantom Ship, a natural rock pillar, is located near the southern shore.

The park has two developed campgrounds, Mazama Campground and Lost Creek Campground. They are open only in the summer. Mazama Campground has 214 sites for tents and RVs. Lost Creek Campground has 16 sites for tents only.  Sleeping overnight in the park is allowed only for hotel guests, campground campers, and backpackers who obtain a backcountry permit. Camping in the park’s pullouts, picnic areas, and parking lots is prohibited.

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