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Also known as the Malvinas, the Falkland islands straddle the Scotia Sea and the South Atlantic Ocean about 480 kilometers (about 300 miles) to the southeast of Argentina.

Although the three islands stand out in a rich green-brown against the deep blue of water. There are two main islands – West Falkland and East Falkland.

Controversy exists over the Falklands’ discovery and subsequent colonisation by Europeans. At various times, the islands have had French, British, Spanish, and Argentine settlements. Britain reasserted its rule in 1833, although Argentina maintains its claim to the islands.

In April 1982, Argentine forces temporarily occupied the islands. British administration was restored two months later at the end of the Falklands War. Most Falklanders favour the archipelago remaining a UK overseas territory, but its sovereignty status is part of an ongoing dispute between Argentina and the United Kingdom.

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