Greeneye fish - greeneye fish

More than 1,800 ft below the sea surface, the lights of the JSL II were probably the first this gorgeous “greeneye” had ever seen. The greeneye fish is just one of many creatures encountered during our first day diving on the Bump.

Greeneyes are deep-sea aulopiform marine fishes in the small family Chlorophthalmidae.

Also the family name Chlorophthalmidae derives from the Greek words chloros meaning “green” and ophthalmos meaning “eye”.

Some species are of interest to commercial and subsistence fisheries; the fish are made into fish meal or sold fresh.

Their heads are small with large jaws. Their coloration ranges from a yellowish to blackish brown, and some species have cryptic blotches

Also their fins are simple and spineless; aside from their eyes, some species also have iridescent patches covering their heads.

Investigating the Charleston Bump: August 2 – 16, 2003

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