Icebergs in the Ross Sea, Antarctica • icebergs in the ross sea

Last update: May 24th, 2020 at 5:00 pm

As winter deepens Icebergs in the Ross Sea, Antarctica hold across the Northern Hemisphere, summer shows its face in the Southern Hemisphere. At the southernmost extreme is Antarctica, which even at its most balmy is covered in ice and painted in shades of black and white.

Although in the center of the scene are a number of large icebergs, including the huge B-15A iceberg, which calved off the Ross Ice Shelf in 2000. Also trapped between the huge ice burg and the Ice Shelf are a number of smaller icebergs and snow.

Over the scene, light clouds stream across the open water and land. This true-color Terra MODIS image was acquired on January 11, 2005.

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