The Value Of Elephants In India • The Value Of Elephants In India

The Value Of Elephants In India

More than half of the elephants in the entire Asian continent live in India. These wild beasts are very dear creatures to the Indian people and they are everywhere. Considering how large Asia is, you can only imagine the number of elephants living in this humble country. There are domesticated elephants almost everywhere and 20% of them play major roles in local businesses. For this reason alone, the Indian people give importance to the animals’ welfare and survival. Aside from aiding their living, the elephants are also closely tied to the country’s culture and religion. Perhaps that explains why the locals couldn’t ignore the scream of help from the massive beasts.

Once all the work was done, the wildlife officials gave a message to thank all the volunteers. The officials were happy that ordinary people didn’t think twice about helping them and the poor animal. Despite some of them having lost a day at work, the atmosphere was light and merry. The people shook hands before they headed home. It was a rare occurrence in the village and the locals knew they would be telling their kids about what happened in the years to come. Photo Credit: Credits

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