Midgard Glacier • Earth.com Midgard Glacier in schweizerland

On April 19, 2011, IceBridge’s 23rd flight surveyed the centerline of Kangerdlugssuaq Glacier, Helheim Glacier, and several branches of this glacier. Midgard Glacier, pictured here, has changed rapidly in recent years, making it of particular interest to researchers. Credit: Michael Studinger

The  Glacier is located at the southern limit of Schweizerland. Therefore It flows from the Femstjernen in the NE. Also It feeds the waters of the Ningerti, a branch of Sermilik . And a large fjord system where there are a number of glaciers discharging such as the Helheim Glacier.
This glacier is named after Midgard, one of the Nine Worlds in Norse mythology.

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