Rocky mountain face Alexander Island •

Rocky mountain face Alexander Island

The landscape of rocky mountain face Alexander Island, Antarctica, as seen by NASA’s DC-8 on Oct. 24, 2011. Credit: NASA/Michael Studinger

Alexander Island, which is also known as Alexander I Island, Alexander I Land. Also  Alexander Land is largest island of Antarctica. It lies in the Bellingshausen Sea west of Palmer Land, Antarctic Peninsula from which it is separated by Marguerite Bay and George VI Sound. Therefore George VI Ice Shelf entirely fills George VI Sound and connects Alexander Island to Palmer Land. The island partly surrounds Wilkins Sound, which lies to its west. Alexander Island is about 390 kilometres (240 mi) long in a north-south direction, 80 kilometres (50 mi) wide in the north, and 240 kilometres (150 mi) wide in the south. Alexander Island is the second largest uninhabited island in the world, after Devon Island.

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