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The witch flounder, or Glyptocephalus cynoglossus, feeds on small shrimp, marine worms, and small mollusks.

Also has grayish-white body allows it the dorsal fin has 95-120 rays and the anal fin has 85-102 rays,

and there is a short, sharp spine pointing forward in front of the anal fin.

The pectoral fin on the eyed side is shorter than the head and the pectoral fins are blackish towards their tips.

Therefore almost all of the head and body, apart from the tip of the snout and the lower jaw is covered

in smooth scales which make the fish slippery when held.

They also are brownish grey to greyish brown in colour on their eyed side, with less variation in color

than other flatfish,with the body and fins densely spotted with minute black spots.


Islands in the Stream: May 10 – October 3, 2001

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