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Earth news review

Earth news review: Earth-related stories from other parts of the web this week

Crustaceans in the scariest part of the ocean wear bacteria as camouflage to hide from predators – read the full article on Daily Mail.

Latest Global Warming prediction: Southern Spain to turn into a desert read the full article at The Associated Press.

Sea in Antarctica to become the world’s largest protected zone – read the full story over at the BBC.

The War On Salmon: More Pacific Coast Hatchery Salmon to be added to the Endangered Species List – full article at The Associated Press.

Scandal: Gene study shows ancient interbreeding between chimpanzees and bonobos – read the full article on EurekAlert!

80,000 acres off the New York coast cleared for wind energy – read the full article on UPI.

141 Arrested in North Dakota Pipeline protest following tense police standoff – read more at Reuters.

Awesome Video: Monkeys make their own tools from stone – watch over at Nature Video YouTube.

Caitlyn Clownfish: How clownfish can actually change sex for survival – read the full article on houseofwisdom.

Hundreds of blackbirds organize flash mob in Walmart parking lot – just in time for Halloween, read more at UPI.

Mosquitos armed with bacteria released in South America to combat Zika – read the full article on

Goopy Mummies: Climate Change turning ancient Chilean mummies into black slime – get the full picture at the Daily Mail.

NASA’s Operation IceBridge to study changing polar landscape – read more at NASA.

White House holds summit for experts studying arctic changes – read the full article at NASA.

The real story behind “Fall” vs “Autumn” – join the debate at Slate.

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