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What is Plasticulture?

The term plasticulture is in reference to the practice of utilizing plastic materials in agricultural applications.
The plastic materials themselves are frequently and broadly referred to as “ag plastics.” Plasticulture ag plastics can include soil fumigation film, nursery pots and silage bags, irrigation drip tape or tubing, but the term is most frequently used to describe all kinds of plastic plant and soil coverings. Such coverings range from plastic mulch film, high and low tunnels, row coverings, to plastic greenhouses.

Polyethylene is the plastic film used by most of growers due to its affordability, easy manufacturing, and flexibility. It comes in various forms of thickness. These can be customized by addition of particular elements to the plastic that give it properties that are beneficial to the plant growth.

Image Caption: Plasticulture method of growing strawberries. Credit: Bn100/Wikipedia

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