An Iceberg Trapped in Sea Ice • An Iceberg Trapped in Sea Ice

An iceberg trapped in sea ice in the Amundsen Sea, seen from the IceBridge DC-8 during the Getz 07 mission on Oct. 27, 2012. Credit: NASA / Maria-Jose Vinas

The Amundsen Sea, an arm of the Southern Ocean off Marie Byrd Land in western Antarctica. Also it  lies between Cape Flying Fish (the northwestern tip of Thurston Island) to the east and Cape Dart on Siple Island to the west. Cape Flying Fish marks the boundary between the Amundsen Sea and the Bellingshausen Sea. West of Cape Dart there is no named marginal sea of the Southern Ocean between the Amundsen and Ross Seas. The Norwegian expedition of 1928–1929 under Captain Nils Larsen named the body of water for the Norwegian polar explorer Roald Amundsen while exploring this area in February 1929

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