Monterrey, Mexico from the International Space Station

Monterrey, Mexico from the International Space Station Today’s Image of the Day comes thanks to the NASA Earth Observatory and features a look at Monterrey, the capital of of the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon.

This photo was captured by an astronaut on board the International Space Station.

The area is perhaps most famous for Mount Silla, also known as Cerro De La Silla.

Mount Silla has also been nicknamed Saddle Hill, as the mountain’s ridges and peaks look very much like a saddle when viewed from the west.

Mount Silla has been officially declared a natural monument according to the World Commission on Protected Areas.

–Monterrey is the capital and largest city of the northeastern state of Nuevo León, Mexico. The city is anchor to the Monterrey metropolitan area, the second most productive in Mexico with a GDP of US$123 billion, and the second largest metropolitan area in México with an estimated population of 5,341,171 people as of 2020. According to the 2020 census, the city itself has a population of 1,142,194. Monterrey is one of the most livable cities in Mexico, and a 2018 study found that suburb San Pedro Garza García is the city with the best quality of life in Mexico. It serves as a commercial center of northern Mexico and is the base of many significant international corporations. Its purchasing power parity-adjusted GDP per capita is considerably higher than the rest of Mexico’s at around US$35,500, compared to the country’

By Rory Arnold,

Source: NASA Earth Observatory

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