Pre-Islamic goddess • Pre-Islamic goddess

But Dushara wasn’t the only god worshiped by the Nabataeans. They also praised Al-’Uzzá, and this wasn’t a practice exclusive to their tribe. Pre-Islamic peoples across the area honored the goddess, who even earned a mention in the sacred Islamic text, the Qur’an. She also has a stone cube in her honor close to Mecca. Photo Credit: Camocon / Wikimedia Commons 

The third pre- Islamic Arabic goddess, a daughter of Allah along with her sisters Al-Lat and Manat, is Al-‘Uzza, the goddess of war, protection, and healing. I’m eager to start working with her, since she was highly respected by many tribes and, as we will see, has both an interesting mythology and appealing epithets and names related to her.

Sabaean inscription listing the gods ‘Athtar, Almaqah, Dhat-Himyam, Dhat-Badan and Wadd. Deities formed a part of the polytheistic religious beliefs in pre-Islamic Arabia, with many of the deities’ names known. Up until about the fourth century AD, polytheism was the dominant form of religion in Arabia. As seen above is the Pre-Islamic goddess.

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