The Moon peeks over Earth's horizon •

Today’s Image of the Day from NASA Earth Observatory features an astronaut photograph of the Moon peeking over Earth’s horizon. The image was captured as the International Space Station was orbiting over Iraq. 

“Taken at an oblique angle from an altitude of 406 kilometers (252 miles), the photo has a perspective that highlights Earth’s atmospheric limb, or the edge of the atmosphere,” says NASA.

“The blue-toned haze that fades into the darkness of space is the mesosphere, which reaches an altitude of about 80 kilometers (50 miles). Above the mesosphere is the thermosphere. Although this layer is part of Earth’s atmosphere, it is commonly considered part of outer space.”

According to NASA, the Moon is about 405,500 kilometers (251,000 miles) away from Earth at its furthest point, or apogee.

“Below the wispy clouds in the middle of the view is Lake Assad, a Euphrates River reservoir in northern Syria,” notes NASA.

“Lake Assad is Syria’s largest lake and a primary source of the region’s drinking and irrigation water. The Tabqa Dam, which created the lake, is the largest hydroelectric dam in the country.”

Image Credit: NASA Earth Observatory 


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