Ice-covered Wheatland Reservoir in Wyoming •

Ice-covered Wheatland Reservoir in Wyoming

Today’s Image of the Day comes from the NASA Earth Observatory and features a look at the ice-covered Wheatland Reservoir in Wyoming.

The lake is located roughly 40 miles north of Laramie, Wyoming at an elevation of almost 7,000 feet.

This image was taken just a few weeks ago by an astronaut on board the International Space Station.

The Reservoir actually refers to three different bodies of water. Reservoir 1 is closest to the town of Wheatland and is fed water from the nearby Sybille Creek.

Reservoir 2, seen here, sends water into the Laramie River and holds water for local farmland irrigation.

Finally, Reservoir 3 is fed water from Reservoir 2 through a canal. It is the name of three reservoirs located near Wheatland in the U.S. State of Wyoming. Wheatland Reservoir Number 1 is located nearest to the town of Wheatland. It was formed by impounding Canal No 3 which is fed by Sybille Creek coming off the eastern slope of the Laramie Mountains. Wheatland Reservoir Number 2 is located on the western side of the Laramie Mountains. It was formed by impounding the Laramie River. Nearby Wheatland Reservoir Number 3 is fed by a canal from Reservoir Number 2 and the Laramie River.

By Rory Arnold Staff Writer

Source: NASA Earth Observatory

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