Winter storm causes chaos in the U.S. •

Winter storm causes chaos in the U.S.

Oh, the weather outside may be frightful, and while the holiday season is well and truly over, 72 million people are currently operating under a winter storm warning. The events are so serious that several have already died in the Northeast U.S. and thousands have been left without power in the South, while California braces itself this weekend to receive over 12 inches of rain. (That’s a lot, especially for the drought-stricken state.)

In North Carolina, some cities have received eight inches or more of snow. In Virginia there is a blizzard warning in place, and in New York City some areas have seen over five inches of snow. Pictured here, authorities in Connecticut have shut down Interstate 91 after a 25-car pileup clogged traffic near Middletown.

The inclement weather conditions are causing misery for travellers, with many airlines cancelling flights over the weekend and local authorities asking drivers to stay home to wait out this winter storm.

Whatever your plans are this weekend, we hope you stay warm and safe from these extreme weather conditions.


Image credit: Connecticut State Police

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