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March 22 -- Today is World Water Day

For most of us, water is that stuff that comes out of a tap or shower head. Or, less sustainably, from an endless array of plastic bottles. We hardly give it a thought.

But for 1.8 billion people worldwide, water is as potentially deadly as it is a critical need. That’s because they must drink and bathe in untreated water contaminated with animal and human feces. Unsafe water sources put adults and children at a high risk for such serious and even fatal illnesses as cholera, dysentery, typhoid and polio.

The United Nations General Assembly declared March 22 annually to be World Water Day to give voice to the world organization’s goal of ensuring global access to safe, drinkable water by 2030.

In 2017, the year’s theme from UN-Water is “wastewater.” The theme examines the damage of untreated wastewater to health and the environment, and highlights the potential to safely reuse and repurpose it. For instance, treated wastewater can be used for industry and agriculture and to safely water gardens and public green spaces.

Visit the World Water Day website to learn more about the global threat of unsafe water, to read inspirational stories and to see how you can help.

By Staff Writer David Searls

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