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The Elephant Project inspires us to be the voice for the voiceless

For Earth Day, Chantecaille is partnering with The Elephant Project to sell plush toys to promote elephant conservation. Chantecaille is a cruelty free, botanical-based cosmetic company.

Together, the organizations have created two limited edition plush elephants wearing floral outfits designed by Chantecaille co-founder and Creative Director Olivia Chantecaille. The proceeds of the plush sales will be given to Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

“It is no secret how much my family and I love elephants. At Chantecaille, we are wild about nature – inspired by it, motivated by it, and do all we can to preserve it,” said Chantecaille.

“I was thrilled to design two darling elephant dolls that help share that message with our younger generation. I would like to share, especially with children, that every little thing you do to help, can make a difference for today and especially for our future.”

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is one of Africa’s oldest conservation organizations. Sheldrick is best known for operating one of the most successful orphan elephant rescue and rehabilitation programs in the world. This is necessitated when poaching destroys elephant families, leaving the young alone without milk or guidance.  

The organization also rescues giraffes and rhinos. Veterinarians are dispatched to help threatened wildlife and help wild animals escape from snares. 

Sheldrick is active in fighting poaching with aerial surveillance, deploying twenty two on the ground anti poaching units as well as canine units. The organization also engages in community outreach to promote understanding and care for wildlife and border maintenance to minimize wildlife-human conflict. If a plush toy isn’t your thing, you can still support Sheldrick directly.  

For everyone else, it’s hoped that not only will the profits from the elephant plush toys rescue elephants but that the toys will inspire the children that receive them to care about animal conservation.

“I am extremely passionate about making a difference for elephants globally and grateful for this amazing platform to help raise funds and awareness for them,” said Kristina McKean, founder of The Elephant Project.

“I believe that we need to teach our children that one person can make a difference and we all have a responsibility to be the voice for the voiceless.”

By Zach Fitzner, Staff Writer

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