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Travelers are ready for more affordable eco-friendly options

According to’s Sustainable Travel Report 2023, 76% of travelers reportedly aspire to incorporate sustainability into their plans over the coming year. 

This figure represents a notable increase of 16% from the 2021 data and 5% from 2022 data. 

Prominent dilemma 

The report, which compiled responses from over 33,000 travelers across 35 countries, highlights a prominent dilemma faced by many: the conflict between cost-saving and making eco-conscious travel choices.

Eco-conscious habits

The push toward sustainable travel options reflects a broader trend, with environmentally-conscious habits gaining traction among travelers. 

For instance, a significant 67% of respondents now consciously turn off air conditioning in their accommodations when not present – a leap of 29% from last year’s figures. 

In addition, there is a 25% increase in travelers reusing towels multiple times, with 60% of participants reporting this practice.

Economic constraints 

However, economic constraints pose a significant barrier to the adoption of sustainable travel options. 

The report highlights that nearly half (49%) of travelers perceive eco-friendly options as prohibitively expensive – an 11% increase from 2022 data. 

These individuals often find themselves at a crossroads, having to choose between managing their expenses and opting for sustainable travel.

Sustainable travel options 

Despite economic hurdles, there’s a segment of travelers, constituting 43%, who express a willingness to pay a premium for certified sustainable travel alternatives. 

This group is actively seeking to make an impact through their travel choices, even if it necessitates higher expenditure. 

Discounts and incentives

The data reveals a demand for initiatives that marry financial and environmental considerations, with 49% of respondents expressing interest in economic incentives or discounts for eco-friendly options (up 12% from 2022). 

Additionally, 42% would be encouraged to choose sustainable travel if rewarded with points redeemable for perks and discounts.

Travelers are contending with major concerns, notably the escalating cost of living and the ongoing climate crisis, which significantly influence their travel and spending plans. 

Adopting more sustainable practices 

As a result, there’s an apparent urgency and commitment among travelers to act promptly in adopting more sustainable practices to preserve the planet for future generations, as voiced by 74% of participants in the study.

This sentiment is further echoed by 53% of respondents who acknowledge that recent developments and news on climate change have galvanized them to adopt more sustainable travel practices. 

Growing dilemma

Nevertheless, there is looming apprehension about the deteriorating environmental conditions, which are expected by 49% to worsen in the next six months. 

In addition, 64% of travelers anticipate a worsening cost of living crisis, leaving them with a dilemma over their priorities.

Travel Sustainable badge

In response to these findings, continues to take strides in promoting sustainable travel. The company’s Travel Sustainable badge, launched in 2021, facilitates easier identification of sustainable accommodations for travelers. 

This badge is awarded to various types of properties, including apartments, hotels, and even treehouses, that have successfully implemented a blend of sustainable practices meeting the requisite impact threshold for their specific destinations. has notably expanded its range of recognized third-party certifications and labels, allowing more properties to qualify for the Travel Sustainable badge. 

Currently, over 500,000 properties worldwide are spotlighted for their sustainability efforts on, bearing the Travel Sustainable badge. 

The badge is not only indicative of’s commitment to fostering sustainable travel but also serves as a crucial tool for travelers navigating the economic and environmental challenges outlined in the report.

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