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How to turn stress into a productive energy

Researchers at the University of Mannheim are reporting that stress can actually be a good thing. The experts are suggesting that you can change your mindset to turn stressful times in the workplace into positive experiences.

Stress is not always bad. In fact, stress keeps people safe by alerting them to danger when adrenaline and cortisol are released. On the other hand, persistent stress can end up being detrimental to our health.

According to experts, if we simply change our mindset, stress can be a positive thing. When we view something stressful as an opportunity to learn, we can become more motivated and focused on the challenge at hand. This is a major improvement from feeling that a task is unpleasant and exhausting.

The results first appeared in the Daily Mail.

The researchers monitored 171 employees in fields including education, IT, and health and social care to determine the influence of a positive stress mindset. The study participants reported in a journal three times per day.

In the morning, the individuals documented their expected workload for the day. After work, the participants described whether they had taken any steps to lighten their load, such as looking at the workday as a learning opportunity. Finally, the respondents reported how well they believed they had performed at work and also how they felt just before bed.

The experts found that employees who had a positive stress mindset were able to approach their workload in a way that helped them to feel energized rather than exhausted by the end of the week. A negative stress mindset, on the other hand, led people to be less proactive and more exhausted.

Dr. Megan Arroll told MailOnline:

“Stress can be a result of overburdening ourselves so don’t feel you need to do everything all the time – prioritize yourself as it’s impossible to care for others if you’re burnt out. We are often better at showing understanding and compassion to pretty much anyone else but ourselves. So practice being kind to you.”

By Chrissy Sexton, Staff Writer

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