Chain dogfish -

The chain dogfish is a common inhabitant of the Charleston Bump. Its striking coloration helps it blend into its environment. Also the chain dogfish is small and biofluorescent.

The catshark spends the daytime resting at the bottom, usually in contact with certain structures. It has been observed with large burrowing cerianthid anemone tubes and boulders. The bottom rubble is thought to be used as a camouflage with the shark’s spotted surface.

Adult sharks tend to prefer rough bottoms, creating a difficulty for trawl sampling, while the immature forms are found near smoother regions. The chain catshark has been known to feed on squid, bony fish, polychaetes and crustaceans.In aquaria, they are relatively motionless, spending the day resting on the bottom, but during the night and when fed they are very active.


Islands in the Stream: May 10 – October 3, 2001

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