Red Bream -

Steep rocky slopes and caves are habitats for wreckfish and red bream.

Red sea bream is a name given to at least two species of fish of the family Sparidae, Pagrus major and Pagellus bogaraveo. Pagellus bogaraveo is also known as blackspot sea bream.

In Japan, Pagrus major is known as madai, and is prized both for its flavor and for its traditional use as an auspicious food often served at New Year’s and festive occasions such as weddings. In Korea, it is known as Ch’amdom.

Pagrus major is also the most commonly eaten fish in Taiwan. This fish is grilled over charcoal or wood fire in Spain and known as “besugo”. It can also be served with buckwheat groats.
Also a closely related fish known as Pandora in the eastern Mediterranean.

Estuary to the Abyss: Exploring Along the Latitude 31-30 Transect: August 20 – September 1, 2004

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