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Instagram's best monkey nonprofit organizations

Here at, we love monkeys! In the past few weeks, we’ve told you about new facial recognition technology scientists have begun using to track wild lemurs. We learned that baboons have math skills that are on par with human kids. And today, we bring you some of our favorite monkey nonprofit organizations.

After all, it’s a crazy world out there. Last month we reported that 60% of the earth’s primates are in danger of extinction, so monkeys could use a little protection. That’s why today we’re celebrating some incredible monkey nonprofit organizations around the globe.


Saving Gorillas

Agahozo, who left the day Cantsbee reappeared, attempted to return to the group yesterday but was chased away. Photo of Agahozo.

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Gibson Conservation Center

Tuk #gibbonconservationcenter #endextinction #conservation #endangeredspecies #endangered #gibbon #pileatedgibbon #ape #primate

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Center for Great Apes

Chimp Haven


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Lola Ya Bonobo

Orangutan Foundation International (OFI)

Save The Chimps

Happy 17th birthday to Teá! 🎉Teá was born at the Coulston Foundation at a time when the lab was entering into extreme financial difficulty. To try and raise money, Coulston sold a number of chimps to the entertainment business. Teá was purchased by a family on behalf of a Hollywood animal trainer. She lived part-time with the family and part-time with the trainer. After learning more about the use of chimps in entertainment, the family decided it would be in Teá’s best interests to be sent to Save the Chimps. Tea was reunited with her mother Vanna and has many chimp friends and family members to play with! She loves exploring her sunny island home and also enjoys painting. #teathechimp #happybirthday #sanctuary

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By Rory Arnold, Staff Writer

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