The "alphonsin" Beryx decadactylus • The "alphonsin" Beryx decadactylus

The “alphonsin” Beryx decadactylus though prized as a “food fish” in some parts of the world.

Therefore there is no targeted fishery for the species in Hawaii. Individuals are found too deep and are too sparse to be profitable.

Also this fish is  typically associated with deep-sea corals, and their schools are known to form over seamounts.

Adults are demersal and search for prey along the ocean floor, primarily fish, cephalopods, and crustaceans.

Therefore like other members of its family, it is remarkably long-lived, with individuals reaching ages of up to 69 years, and possibly longer.

This fish will reach sizes of up to 100.0 cm  in length and 2.5 kg  in weight and is targeted by commercial fisheries.

The “alphonsin” Beryx decadactylus  has large eyes and a deep, compressed body, 1.9-2.5 times its standard length at the greatest depth.

It is a rose red color dorsally and orange ventrally. The rest of its body is silvery-pink, and the breast is yellow-white in color.

The “alphonsin” Beryx decadactylus Fins and the inside of the mouth are bright red. The anal fin is distinctly larger than in many fish species and its caudal fin is deeply forked.


Northwestern Hawaiian Islands: September 18-23, and October 21 – November 15, 2002

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